We Are THREE! 

The triplets turned the big three a little over a week ago. We had decided this year that we wanted to keep their birthday pretty low key. Haylie was the only one that was excited about the big day and insisted that it was only her birthday not her brothers. The boys didn’t seem to care too much.  We opted for a family “party” at a local splash pad then a casual lunch afterwards. 

We were a little worried about how the splash pad would go. The week before their birthday we scouted one out with a fence and only one entrance/exit….the things you do when you have multiples! The day of their birthday we showed up with our family in tow. The triplets and Ryleigh absolutely loved it and had a blast running around playing in the water. They played for a couple of hours and only had one brother collision bloody nose incident. So I’d say that was a success!!  

After they worked up an appetite we all headed to CiCi’s for lunch and a few presents. 

It was a great morning and we were home in time for nap! When they woke up they opened more gifts sang happy birthday and had cake. 

I can’t believe my babies are THREE!! 

Happy Birthday Haylie, Landry, and Luke! 


Earrings and Easter Eggs. 

 Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only is the weather amazing but we get to spend time with family and celebrate our risen Savior. 

Before the Easter festivities begun on Sunday my sister, Ryliegh and I took Haylie to the mall on Saturday to have her ears pierced. She had been asking to get earrings like her big sister off and on for a couple of weeks. Ryliegh had her ears pierced at 2 as well.  We prepared Haylie as much as we could about the process. I assumed there would be some dramatics, that’s just Haylie, but she did surprisingly well. She hopped up in the chair, the employee got her ready and then they pierced both ears at the same time. She cried for a minute or two, but she was easily bribed with a sucker and stuffed animal. She is so proud of her earrings that are just like big sisters.  


Sunday morning we woke everyone up early to breakfast, baths, and ready for church. The triplets were not to fond of the early alarm clock. After some grumpy attitudes calmed down we let all the kids open up baskets that the Easter bunny left.  


We headed to church for a wonderful time of worship. After service was over they had an egg hunt indoors due to the rain. There aren’t many pictures of said egg hunt because….well 3 toddlers running 3 different directions to find eggs didn’t really lend itself to leisurely photo ops.  


After church we went to my parents house for lunch to celebrate my sisters birthday. We all ate until we were stuffed, the kids played and did confetti eggs, then we loaded up and headed home.  


Ry and Auntie Chelle


uncle logan and sass pants.


Gram and the kiddos.




Aunt Nonnie and Ryleigh


luke and his favorite uncle Tommy



I am so grateful to be able to spend time with family. We are truly blessed! I hope everyone had a blessed day and was able to celebrate with family and friends. Happy Easter!!!  


Christmas 2014

Another year of Christmas festivities has flown by. The triplets seemed a lot more interested and aware of the season this year. It was fun to see all four of my kids excited about Christmas.

To start of the season we put up our tree. We used the same toddler proof method as last year, the tree went in a sturdy table behind our couch. It worked for the most part….except that their arms are a little longer this year. Ryleigh and I decorated with our usual array of ornaments. The triplets loved looking at the lights and naming the different things they saw on the tree.

Every year we go to bass pro shop to have the kids picture taken with Santa. We try to go right after thanksgiving to avoid long lines. This year we didn’t make it until December 23rd….never again will we wait this long. The way it works is you get a pass for a time slot, show up at that time and wait in line for the picture. There was already a very long wait when we got there that morning. Our pass was for 12:00 and we got there at 10:00. We debated abandoning the whole thing, but I just couldn’t disappoint them. After we killed about 2 hours looking at every item in the store and breaking into a bag of Carmel popcorn (that we later paid for) it was our turn with Santa. Ryleigh of course was helpful in trying to organize triplets on Santa’s lap. Haylie wanted nothing to do with the man, and Luke fed off of her energy and decided he hated him too. Landry just wanted to give the big guy fist bumps. This is the result of our santa encounter…



Christmas Eve was really relaxed this year. Jason’s mom and grandmother came over and we watched Christmas movies, opened gifts, and took our annual Christmas Eve pj picture.








We baked cupcakes and set out Dr.Pepper for Santa…and he came!




Christmas morning everyone woke up bright and early and explored their new gifts.






We headed over to my mom and dads house around lunch time for Mexican food and more gifts. The Triplets weren’t interested in ripping open their gifts this year, so I did most of that while they played with the previous gift I had just opened.







My sisters and brother in law took the kids out and had their pictures taken for me to use for Christmas cards. Well, I never got around to making the cards but the pictures are pretty cute.














Christmas time is one of my favorite seasons. I am so thankful and blessed to be able to spend it with family and friends.


Toddler Beds or Bust

Well, the dreaded day finally came. We switched to triplets to toddler beds.
I was whole heartedly resisting this change. You let three two year olds loose in a room and Lord know what chaos would ensue.
Back in the summer Jason tried to convince me it was time, we tried it, and after 3 hours I made him put the cribs back together. I just wasn’t ready.
This time around they kind of forced me to be ready…Landry climbed out of his bed.

Saturday I headed to Buy Buy baby to gather supplies for “operation toddler bed 2014”. A couple hours and too much money later I headed back home with three bed rails, door knob covers, furniture straps, and a 2 camera baby video monitor. I spent the afternoon toddler proofing their room. Jason installed the cameras and made sure we could see every angle of their room. Ready or not….

Night one went fairly well. We had some initial excitement and bed jumping. Haylie and Landry stayed in their beds, Luke on the other hand got up no less than 15 times. Every time he did, we put him back in his bed. He eventually wore out and fell asleep. Every night and nap times since then we have only had a few security breaches. Luke is the main culprit and Haylie is a close second. For some reason when the do get out of bed everyone congregates in Landry’s bed.

Tonight we had toddler bed success! They all laid down and no one got up at all!! Fingers crossed they keep this trend going.



Happy 4th of July!


Last year on July 4th we opted to keep the triplets at home with a babysitter and take Ryleigh out to see the fireworks. This year we figured they might be old enough to enjoy the festivities. Like all outings with triplets we had to figure out the logistics.

We started out at my parents house for dinner. My kids love being around their grandparents and aunts and uncles. There are always plenty of hands to help corral, feed, and play with babies.



After dinner everyone loaded up to head out to see the fireworks. We found a grassy spot, spread out the blankets, and set up the chairs. Immediately the babies wanted out of their wagon. Thank goodness for aunts and uncles that walked around with them and kept them entertained until the fireworks stated.
















We weren’t sure how the triplets would react to the fireworks. When they started up Haylie wasn’t too sure and snuggled up close to daddy. Eventually they all three (and Ryleigh) watched, and pointed and seemed to enjoy the light show.








I love our family and am so thankful that we are able to spend holidays like this together.




Happy Father’s Day!


You don’t ask for much, and were completely content with the scribbled on cards and the Pinterest fail of a picture you received today, but you deserve a lot more today than I could give you.

You have been an amazing Dad to Ryleigh for the last 8 years and now to the triplets as well. You are by far the “fun” parent. You play barbies, create puppet shows, and tickle with the best of them. You love our children with equal amounts of respect and fun. You aren’t afraid to show them affection, and let your baby girl sit and cuddle with you while watching Sesame Street. There is never a moment that passes that they don’t know that you love them with all your heart.

You stay home everyday and take care of our kids and there is never a moment while I’m at work that I worry that they are being taken care of. I know for a fact that they are. Ryleigh never has to wonder if her daddy is proud of her because you tell her everyday. You are our kids superhero. They look up to you and you don’t take that job lightly.

I am so thankful that God chose you to be our kids dad. I couldn’t imagine navigating our crazy kid, triplet, diaper, toy filled world with anyone else. I love you! Happy Fathers Day!!









Dear Blog, please forgive me.

It has been about a month since my last blog post.  I really haven’t been trying to neglect it, but a busy life definitely gets in the way. I also think my life is a little boring-ish so therefore everyone who reads it would be bored with our mundane diaper filled lives.  But, I have to remind myself that I am using this as something my kids can look back on and see how insane they made us 😉

My goal going into the summer….in 14 days to be exact, is to write more.

So what has been going on in triplet nation??

Ryleigh is still as amazing as she has always been. Dance is wrapping up for the year in a few weeks.  Shes rockin the 2nd grade, and her favorite past time besides dance is reading.

The triplets are growing like crazy.  I really cant believe that in a couple of months they will be 2! Y’all, I will have THREE 2 year olds. This terrifies me. Haylie is talking non-stop. The boys are slowly but surely creeping up behind her in the language department.

We still have them on a pretty tight schedule as far as meal times, naps and bedtime. Lately we have been able to deviate a bit and skip a nap to go do something fun or push back dinner time to go to a restaurant.

Their little personalities are starting to blossom even more.  Sometimes Haylie gives me a glimpse into her teenage years and I want to cry.  I can already tell the boys are going to be close. I love seeing their little brother friendship grow. They love to play ball together, roll a toy truck back and forth and give each other hugs and kisses.

I am excited for summer to be here so I can start my “summer-stay-at-home-mom” status.  There is lots of fun to be had.


So there you go, a little glimpse into our world right now.

I have lots of posts to catch up on, hopefully sooner than later. 🙂


{The Little Things Thursday}

Wow, it’s been an entire month since I’ve blogged!! My goal is to be better at it since this also serves as the triplets “baby book”. It’s a work in progress.

So what’s new in triplet land….

1. This week we started transitioning the babies to eating at the kitchen table for dinner sitting in booster seats. Also sitting at their picnic table for breakfast and lunch. It’s going surprisingly well! We have also been working on using plates and utensils…that on the other hand will take some practice.


2. Last weekend some exciting things happened in our family. Ryleigh had her first dance competition, and my sister turned 24 and got engaged!!




3. All the babies at one point received ECI (speech therapy, occupational therapy). Haylie has since “graduated” but the boys still receive services. We have had the same caseworker since the triplets came home from the NICU. She was recently reassigned to some different cases and Wednesday was her last day with us. We are sad about it…and I think she was too. It’s funny how you get attached to perfect strangers, but when you see them 3-4 times a months they become a part of our crazy world.

4. Last weekend we went out of town for Ryleighs dance competition. We knew we couldn’t take the trips with us. They couldn’t make the long car ride and sitting through a dance competition. Not to mention all the baby junk we would have had to take along with us. We recruited several family members to stay at our house and take care of them for 3 days. I was really nervous about leaving them. Not because I don’t trust my family, but because I know how much work taking care of them is. After I stopped calling to check on them every hour the first day we were gone everything went really well. We came home to happy babies and a clean house. I couldn’t ask for anymore!

What little things have been going on in your world?


Puppy Love

Ryleigh never had an attachment to a toy or pacifier. The triplets only took pacifiers until about 4 months old. So
I thought we would come out unscathed in the toy/blankie attachment situation…no such luck.
Let me introduce puppy:


Notice how puppy seems to be permanently attached to Haylies mouth.
From early on Haylie has been a shirt chewer, especially when she is sleepy or while she is sleeping. We have looked for something to replace that habit to no avail. One day we decided the see if the triplets would like sleeping with stuffed animals. We introduced puppy to Haylie and it has been love at first sight ever since.

She naps and does bed time with puppy. Puppy comes to breakfast with her. Puppy plays in the living room with her. If her brothers try to touch puppy they are met with reprimands in a tiny yet stern voice.
The minute she is put in her bed she is asking for puppy.

Since she chews on puppy’s ears all the time, puppy gets kind of nasty. I have to sneak into their room under the cover of darkness to give puppy a bath and return him before she wakes up.

Welcome to the family puppy!




{The Little Things Thursday}

You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.”
― Andy Warhol

1. It’s snowing here today! We had an early release today at 2:00, and a 2 hour delay tomorrow. More time with my kiddos….I’ll take it!

2. We have been testing out the picnic table the triplets received for their birthday. They love to act like big kids and stand sit on the bench. They have started eating their afternoon snack at the table with big sister. I don’t think we are ready to commit to no high chairs just yet.


3. This little girl could be one of my “little things” every single week. She is such an amazing kid. I am enjoying watching her grow up and see her personality and sweet spirit continue to flourish.


4. Jason has what some might call a twisted sense of humor. He makes me laugh everyday. Especially when I come home from work and find new kitchen decor hanging above the high chairs.


5. Landry is usually a great napper, so I have the video monitor pointed at the other two nap time mischief makers….or so I thought. I went in the get them up from their naps last weekend and discovered this:


Troublemaker had managed to pull a box of 180 diapers and other various items from the changing table into his crib. Needless to say the video monitor is now pointed towards the sneaky one.

What are your little things this week?